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Looking back on the 90 years' development and brilliant achievements of Guangxi University, and looking forward to the grand blueprint of the new era and the one-hundred-year Chinese dream, our hearts are filled with strong pride and passions.

The rise of Guangxi University lies in the perseverance through twists and turns, in always going upstream, in braving the tide of national rejuvenation. The prosperity of Guangxi University resulted from the ever-keeping pace with the times and the courage in fighting the adverse in the vicissitudes of the past.

Always being tolerant to diversity, Guangxi University never stops growing in the turbulence of separation and reunion. The strength of Guangxi University comes from staying true to the original mission all the time, and keeps gaining momentum in the great cause of serving people.

In the new era, we, teachers and students of Guangxi University, will continue adhering to the consistent purpose of "Revitalizing China, developing Guangxi”. Meanwhile, we will fully implement the Party's education policy, carry out the fundamental task of cultivating people by strengthening moral education .Besides, we also need to speed up the progress of “Double First-class” construction project and accelerate the development by means of “Co-Construction between Ministry of Education and Guangxi Government” so as to promote Guangxi University into a first-class research-oriented comprehensive university with reasonable layout and distinct characteristics, and make new contributions to the cause of turning the country into a great power with strong education.

Message from the President

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