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The new building of Guangxi University Library was completed on November 20, 2002 and came into use in 2003. It is one of the bond projects for the developments of higher education in the western region supported by Chinese government and sponsored by Dr. Li Ka-shing, the Chairman of Hongkong Hutchison Whammpoa Limited. The library, with a total building area of 32,338 square meters and 3,634 seats, has become the biggest,and the most modern and advanced one in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region at present.

The library has set up a high-speed local area network with Gigabit backbone and Megabit to the desktop and completely carried out an automation management via intranet or Internet in respect of its all public services and business work at present. There are more than 600 computers or terminals connected with Campus Network, Cernet or Internet in the library. They all achieve seamless connections with the business management system of college and department reference rooms. Moreover,special storage devices for digital library is as much as a capacity of 20TB, which formed a convenient and distributed digital information service system around the campus.

The collection held by the library (including all colleges and department reference rooms) amounts to 4,950,000 items. Among them are 3,020,000 printed books, 1,920,000 electronic books and 17,000 electronic periodicals in full-text. So now it has become a multi-discipline, multi-level and multi-carrier library holding system covering Philosophy, Economics, Law, Literature, Natural Sciences, Engineering Science, Agriculture, Management Science and Education Science nine mainly subjects. Plus, it has distinctive features and effectively supports the disciplinary construction and talent training of Guangxi University.

Guangxi University Library has not only almost come up to international standards in respects of architecture, equipments, services and management models, but also applied to practise a brand-new idea of management -- wide space, open stack arrangements, intensive bookshelves and general bookshelves staggered layout, allowing to bring packages into the library and an integrated system of collecting, lending, reading, retrieving and managing. Furthermore, the library opens from 7:50 am to 22:30 pm continuously every day and a total of 101 hours each week (which is far more than 76 hours opening a week stipulated by Ministry of Education) in order to meet the needs of readers to the utmost degree. Therefore, there can be more than 10,000 readers at most entering into the library a day according to statistics. Besides the conventional lending and borrowing service for books and periodicals, it provides many other services including various kinds of digital information services, such as OPACS online searching 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, new book bulletin, CD-ROM or online database searching, multi-media resource browsing, reference services, interlibrary loan and document delivery, reader training and subject information navigation, as well as deep-level information services like sci-tech novelty retrieval, surrogating retrieval and SDI service.

Guangxi University Library which is one of the co-construction units of CALIS dissertation database and C-level member library of CALIS online cataloging cooperation center, is now actively participating in activities of literature and information resource sharing and co-construction, and establishing a wide range of cooperative relations with all major domestic libraries and information centers. Additionally, it is also the place where secretariats of Guangxi Academic Library and Information Working Committee and Library Professional Committee under Guangxi Association of Higher Education locate.

Now, Guangxi University Library has provided a good platform for knowledge services to support teaching and researching in campus, with its reasonable resource allocations, advanced service concepts and excellent service qualities. Moreover, it is striving to become a high-quality information center focusing on serving and sharing information resources.


Brief Introduction

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