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With decades of development, students’ associations boast considerable scale. Currently, 57 students’ associations at university level and more than 80 associations at college level have been founded with a total membership of more than 7,000. Associations at university level are responsible for day-to-day management while associations at college level are in the charge of Youth League of the college. In recent years, students’ associations, keeping up with the times and sparing no efforts to explore new ways for the development of association, have made its due contribution to enriching campus activities and scored gratifying achievements.

A Brief Introduction to Organizations  
1.   Student Associations Union (SAU)  

The SAU of Guangxi University is a student federation in charge of student associations under the guidance of the Party committee and the school committee, which has functions and powers over student associations of the university. Student association federation is directly responsible for the school committee.

As a bridge between the YLC of GXU and the student associations, the SAU has a leadership of one president, three or five vice presidents and executive directors respectively. There are eight departments and two teams that take responsibilities of the administration and coordination of student associations, which are the Office, the Organization Dept., the Projects Dept., the Supervision and Survey Dept., the Commercial Practice Dept. the Property Dept., the Publicity Dept., Reception Team, Host Team as well as a website of www.myshetuan.cn.

The Office serves as a bridge between each departments and bond between the SAU and student associations. Under it there are Finance Team, Secretary Team and Files Team that are responsible for the financial affairs of the SAU and student associations, notices and documents transmission and archive administration, etc.

Organization Dept., besides assisting the SAU in organizing all activities, mainly takes responsibilities to sort out and preserve the personal files; to organize the training class for members of student associations; and to elect and appraise the outstanding student associations.

Project Dept., newly established, is mainly responsible for projects pre-surveying, operability discussion, projects planning, proceeding tracing and personnel arrangement.

Supervision and Survey Dept., as a supervision department that accepts feedback, takes responsibilities to supervise and feedback operation information of the SAU and student associations. Its duties also include annual registration of student associations, regular survey of the student associations to support their development and other affairs for improving the quality of student associations.

property Dept, which is in charge of the work of commonwealth management, ensures the property, normal, reasonable and effective use of the goods, maintain the smooth operation of organization and association in goods using.

Business Practice Dept., whose predecessor was public relation department, in charge of funding for the association, promote the exchange and communication with the outside to increase the influence of our association; guiding, supervising and coordinating the business activities among associations, planning, implementation and the social practice summarizing.

Publicity Dept., in charge of propagating work, and take the responsibility of the propagate work of the university and organizations; it should promote the advanced university idea and culture with various means, including poster, banner and flyer. Its main work is to design the publicity material of every activity of the organization; assist other sector of the organization in various propagate work.

The website of “Myshetuan”, as the home of the community people, is the gateway website of the students’ associations of Guangxi University. The association of the home of the community people is in charge of the publicity of the associations of Guangxi University by website and do some communication and coordination work with the outside. It is the frontier and a publicity platform of the Guangxi University’s associations to the world as well as a gateway website of the associations of Guangxi University to the outside. The website:   http://www.myshetuan.cn  

Ritual team and host team are latest founded by the general organization. They are the teams which possess professionalism quality, and aim at rich healthy upward the campus culture, to serve the Guangxi University and to establish a good healthy figure for all the students. The establishment of the two teams not only establishes a good healthy image of the students of Guangxi University, but also satisfies the activity need of contemporary college students.

Students' Association Council, comprised by vice ministers of the general organization or above and all the presidents of the associations, is the highest leadership and the institute of policy making. Standing council, consist of general president, vice presidents and permanent council, is the highest policy making body. We implement general president responsibility system in general association and ministerial responsibility in every department. In management, the general association implements unified financial management system, regular work summary and report system, duty system, regular meeting system, attendance system and property charge system. The general association insists the principles of practicing economy and against waste, insisting to do more with less expense.


Introduction to Association of University:  

The students’ organization of Guangxi University, association in abbreviation, is under the leadership of Youth League committee of the university, and is unified managed by the students’ confederation of mass organization. There are 57 registered associations now in Guangxi University, they can be divided into four types of practice, academic, art and sports. Every association has one president, two to three vice presidents and one secretary, and departments are established according to the reality, in charge of every work of the association respectively. We implement the system of president responsibility, the president represents the association. We also implement the president’s responsibility system in every day work of associations of university.

Taking the responsibility of “enriching the campus cultural life and promoting the development of campus spiritual civilization”, the student community of Guangxi University becomes the main force of the campus cultural development, the big classroom for the college students to learn and communicate as well as pursue further progress, the big stage for them to show themselves. Taking “Diligence, Honesty, Erudition and Innovation” as the objective, “Making Brand and Training Elite” as the guiding line and “Serve the Students of Guangxi University Wholeheartedly” as the concept, the student community actively carries out various campus cultural activities that are in co ordinance with the policies and principles of Guangxi University. All these activities improve students’ overall quality and effectively promote the development of college students’ second class.

Community Numbe : 57
Community Overview:  
13 Social Services      
12 Academics      
10 Art Associations      
10 Sport associations      
Youth Volunteers Association      
Love Association      
Entrepreneurship Association      
Economics Association      
Tourism Association      
Employment Association      
Green Association      
Car Service Association      
Car Lover Association      
Part-time Job Association      
Enterprise Management Association      
Social Work Association      
Fire Control Volunteer Association      
Research Society of Communist Theories with Chinese Characteristics      
The Youth Association of National Defense      
Association of Science and Technology      
Association of Mathematical Modeling      
Association of Public Relations      
Association of Law      
Association of Eloquence      
Association of Shorthand      
Association of Humanities and Geographies      
English Enthusiast Association      
Federal Association of Literatures      
Association of the “Three Rural Issues”      
Vietnamese Association      
Association of Astronomy      
Association of Brilliant Management      
Tai Club      
Association of Food Health      
Ladies’ Association      
Psychology Association      
Association of Reading      
Cultural Association of the Zhuang Minority      
Association of Morning Reading      
Japanese Association      
Association of Chinese Traditional Cultures      
Association of Music      
Association of Horticulture Sciences      
Operas Association      
Association of Painting and Calligraphy      
Association of Advertisement      
Association of Screen Culture      
Research Society of Comics      
Mage’s Association      
Photography Association      
Association of New Elements      
Association of Martial Arts      
Badminton Association      
Tennis Association      
Chess Association      
Pingpong Association      
Table Tennis Association      
Cycling Association      
Orienteering Association      
Yoga Association      
Baseball and Softball Association      
Notes: There were three, five and three new associations established in 2009, 2010, and 2011 respectively, making the total number increases from 46 to 57.      

Students' Unions

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